Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

Due to the current government restrictions in the UK, Atritor have decided to extend our usual Easter shutdown to two weeks. Our offices and works will be shut from 12.30pm on 3rd April until 8.30am on 20th April. You can still reach you usual contacts via email, but responses may be slower than usual.


我们的综合质量管理体系按照 ISO 9001 的严格要求进行审计。作为一家加工工程公司,我们将利用在该领域 80 多年的独特经验为您服务。我们可以根据各行业的不同需求为您量身定制交钥匙装置。所有主要机器均由我们自己的铸造厂和生产车间制造,而辅助设备则由我们与关联企业和专业供应商密切合作生产。