Turbo Separator

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Typical Feed Materials

Baby foods Beans Beverages Biscuits Bread
Canned products Cereals Cigarettes Coffee Coleslaw
Confectionary Cosmetics Custard Deodorants Detergents
Gravy granules Household products Insecticides Oil filters Pasta
Pet foods Pharmaceuticals Plasterboard Potato chips Powdered milk
Processed meats Sachets Sauces Soups Sugar
Tea Vegetables Yogurt

Technical Data

Units TS2096 TS3096 TS42120
Turbo Separator Drive kW 22 45 75
In-feed conveyor drive kW 3 15 15
Recovered material conveyor drive kW 5.5 5.5 5.5
Separated packaging conveyor drive kW 3 3 5
70% of total power kW 23 48 70
Running cost
(based on £0.10 per kWh)
- £2.30
per hour
per hour
per hour