Test Facilities

Atritor Limited operates a fully-equipped pilot plant facility in Coventry. The plant has recently undergone an extensive refurbishment to improve operating efficiency and increase production capacity for large-volume trials.

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This is just a selection of all the materials tested by Atritor Limited.

Primary Production Equipment

Ancillary Plant and Equipment

In addition to the primary equipment listed above, Atritor's test facility is also equipped with the following plant:

  • Stand-alone classifier
  • Full range of feeding and back-mixing equipment
  • Product collection cyclones and filters
  • Gas-fired and electric air heaters
  • Oil-free compressor

Analytical Laboratory Equipment

Atritor's pilot plant also includes a laboratory to allow immediate analysis of product samples.

  • Malvern Instruments MasterSizer S dry particle size analyser
  • Air jet sieving machine
  • Wide range of standard mechanical sieves
  • Moisture balance for determining moisture content